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Preview: The Story Of The King Of Peace

Story Telling: The King of Peace

A long time ago, in a very large country, there were four Kings. Each of these Kings lived separately in their own Kingdom. A very wide, impressive river ran through the country and separated the kingdoms. One kingdom was located on the south side of the river, and the other three on the north side. The three Kings living on the north side of the river all had their own castles. One was called the Red King, another was called the Blue King, and the last was the Yellow King. Each had an entourage of two bodyguards dressed in black and six attendants. On the south side of the river, in a beautiful Pink Tower, lived the King of Peace. Maybe you have heard of this King before?

The Story Of The King Of Peace is an inspiring story that explains the relationship between the Pink Tower and the Trinomial Cube. Even though the child already knows these materials from their primary years, this story will entice the elementary child to learn about the mathematical relations between these materials.

Item Number: 068201

Preview: The Story of the King of Peace