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Young children learn through play. They want to understand the world around them. They are critical and curious about new things. Touching, trying and tasting are all ways in which children explore their surroundings. Educo integrates playing and learning in such a way children can form a solid basis and prepare themselves for school. Education which is close to their frame of reference and which is always geared towards activation.

You’re never too young to learn.

You’re never too young to start learning. Because young children have not yet developed the skills to learn methodically, Educo has created a range of materials which harness their desire to learn. Educo introduces children to reading, writing and maths in a playful and creative way. Learning follows automatically and fun is an important factor. Educo is a great starting point for the development of children, regardless of the activity involved.

Playing, learning, living.

All of Educo’s products revolve around everyday situations. Associating games with regular subjects make learning seem natural. The best education for young children is stimulating their natural development. This turns learning into an experience and a challenge for children.

Learning to learn.

The fact that Educo provides clear instructions with their materials makes learning fun as well as effective and efficient. Children deserve to develop their full potential. Proper pre-school preparation and a focus on each child’s individual talents and their personal results help achieve this goal. Educo makes learning fun, playful and natural.

Our Curriculum

We believe that every child deserves the best possible education. That is education with a focus on individual talents, personal results, and achievements. All of our products are based on international standards for curricula, goals and skills. They stimulate the development of a child through active, hands-on learning.

The Educo educational products are categorized in distinct and clear learning goals and skills.



The Educo catalogue includes the complete range of products of mathematical play, language play and motor play. In addition, the catalogue includes the products of puzzle-, dramatic-, build-, active-, and creative play.

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